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What We do

What we do

Wastewater is a constant and inexhaustible resource that can carry ~25% of a building’s daily energy consumption and in most cases, is being allowed to go to waste into our sewer systems.

When discharged from buildings, wastewater is higher in temperature than other regenerative energy sources, such as well water or geo-exchange, reaching an average temperature of 21°C (77°F) at the point of discharge.

Across North America and the EU alone, there is over 330 billion liters (87 billion US gallons) of wastewater discharged through the sewer systems each day. This wastewater has the potential to replace 1.5 billion MWh of the natural gas consumption used to provide space heating and domestic hot water every year.

At SHARC Energy Systems, we capture the limitless supply of thermal energy from wastewater to provide sustainable heating and conditioning for a wide range of building types. We aim to significantly reduce global carbon emissions, while reducing current and future energy costs for our clients.

The thermo-mechanical methods used in our system are efficient, cost effective, scalable and reliable, providing a truly sustainable and odourless heating and cooling source.

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